5 Tips For Creating Your Own Moments Wedding & Event Planning Software

moments wedding & event planning

“The SIMPLE MOST POPULAR MOMents are the very best moments of life.” -DAVANTE CASPIRE RN It is a famous quote by singer Madonna which has become an international bestseller and event planning mantra. This simple, yet profound, quote has inspired thousands of event planners and wedding & event planning professionals worldwide. As an event planner, my mission is simple; to make your most memorable moments most affordable and stress-free.

Make It Simple

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What makes simple the most popular? The answer is simplicity itself. Planning a wedding or any major event is not only difficult but also very time consuming. However, when planning a simple wedding or event, the planning phase is easy. The main obstacle to overcome during the planning phase is setting clear, concise and actionable goals.

As a wedding & event planner, I am very much aware of the fact that clients expect value for their money. As an event planner who is monetarily limited (and, therefore, needs to work within a specific budget), this is the first and most important rule I follow. Secondly, you need to stay organized! Staying on track with the multiple tasks that should be accomplished is essential to keeping your business running smoothly. The planning phase of your wedding can be particularly hectic if you have many family members involved in the wedding planning process.

The Planning Machine

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Let’s look at the top three event planning “machines” to create a path for future success: The Planning Machine, The Event Planner, and The Money Tree. The Planning Machine is a tool used by many event planners & planners everywhere to schedule, manage and coordinate all aspects of the planning process. Some of the features of the Planning Machine are the ability to create, submit, update and delete event plans (including the budget), as well as the ability to enter and edit text. It also has the ability to schedule appointments with various vendors. While not as user-friendly as some, I feel this is an important feature for a wedding planner who is heavily involved in the planning process.

The Event Planner

The Event Planner is the engine that drives the Planning Machine! They will manage all aspects of the wedding to flow. This includes the budget, venue selection and date selection. While this is not as ‘user-friendly’ as the Planning Machine, it is still quite effective and is a good choice for a wedding & event planning beginner.

Summing Up

If you are looking for a fun and engaging way to plan your wedding, then I suggest using the techniques discussed above. Remember: everything comes down to five simple ideas! Hopefully this short article has given you a starting point for your own attempts at creating a fantastic wedding planning software package.

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