7 best birthday greetings for your sister

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Birthday anniversaries are very important in every person’s life. They celebrate the day in which they were brought to this world by their parents and taught various things about it. This day is awaited by everyone in their house with great enthusiasm during the whole year, since they don’t know what gift would be presented to them by their beloved ones. Brothers and sisters are the ones who love each other the most in this world, so they present gifts to each other with great pleasure on their birthday. But saying good birthday greetings for sisters is different from saying them for brothers because girls have a wide range of choices when it comes to fashion products.


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1. On your birthday, I wish that all of your life’s expectations come true so you can be the star of every event in which you take part. Happy birthday!

2. You are a great sister and a very special person in my life with whom I have spent many happy moments with during our lives together. May this next year be full of luck and prosperity so you can be a star in all your undertakings. Happy birthday!

3. A sister is a person who loves us more than she loves herself, she’s someone to share with everything we have, a great friend with whom we spend beautiful moments together, with whom we learn from our mistakes and with whom we can laugh about our failures. You’re that kind of girl and I’m very happy to share my life with you, Sister! Happy birthday!

4. This message fills me with emotion because today is your birthday and I can’t be with you to offer the delightful gift which I prepared for you. But as a little compensation, I want to offer you a sincere wish that in this next year, life will always be good to you and that your dreams come true. May all of our hopes and desires happen. Happy birthday!

5. You are an example for me because you never stop fighting for the things that matter the most to us, for what we believe in. When I feel that life has abandoned me, I remember that a great sister like you is near to encourage me. You’re my source of energy and thanks to you I can continue forward. Happy birthday!

6. When you were born, the angels in heaven celebrated because another friend had been created for them. And today I celebrate too because a great sister came to this world. The best of happy birthdays!

7. A sister is a person who takes care of us, supports us unconditionally and gives us all her love without asking for anything in return, because she is simply our friend. You are that kind of girl, I know it. Happy birthday my friend!

8. You are my big sister and always fight to make life easier for me. You are my advisor, someone I can talk to about the issues that bother me and who gives me wise advice which has helped me throughout my life. Happy birthday!


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With these birthday greetings for your sister, you will gain the love of your sibling and she/he will feel very happy because they have been reminded that their brother or sister loves them. Make sure to use one of these good birthday greetings for your sister as a reference to send her/him a message through words about how much you care for them, and she/he will love you more for that.

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