Tips for birthday pictures

birthday pictures

Anyone can make an amazing birthday picture by following these tips. All you need is a good camera, a nice background and poses!

1) Background

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The first tip for making a great birthday picture is to have a nice background. You don’t want the background to be distracting from the main focus of the photo which should be your cupcake. A nice background can be anything that is nicely colored and will look good with the theme of your photo. Good examples are flowers, pastel colors, balloons or even a cake stand with colorful cakes! The best way to have a great background is to just play around with it until you find something you like.

2) Camera

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The second tip for making an amazing birthday picture is to make sure you have the best camera possible. You don’t want any blurry or dark spots in your photo and you want it to be perfect! I prefer using my canon powershot because it’s a really good high quality camera and takes great pictures.

The last tip for making an amazing birthday picture is to have good poses! It can’t just be a group of people standing together in the photo, you want them to look like they are having fun and celebrating. I recommend using silly faces and even asking your friends or family members to hold up signs with things that describe their personality on it.

General tips:

1) If you are doing a selfie, make sure your arm isn’t covering the rest of your face.

2) Avoid taking pictures at night time or if it is really dark out, since it won’t turn out well! Make sure that there is good lighting when taking the photo.

3) Make sure to check the background, camera and poses so there won’t be any surprises when you get your photos back.

4) Use a photo editing app if you want to change the colors of the picture or add some cute filters! There are lots of free apps available for an iPhone or Android phone.

5) You can get creative and add things like cake, ice cream or other birthday themed objects in your pictures!

6) Don’t take too many pictures, just pick the best 5 to 10 photos and edit them together into a collage. Those are the ones that will turn out best and you won’t have to stress about editing way too many pictures.

7) It’s always nice to get a photo with the birthday person or their family, but don’t worry about it if they are not around.

8) When taking photos of other people make sure you ask before taking their picture and be considerate! It wouldn’t be fun for someone if they didn’t know they were being photographed.

9) Don’t forget to tag your friends in the pictures you post! Everyone loves birthday related posts so they will be excited to see it.

10) And of course, don’t forget to take a picture with your birthday cupcake or birthday cake! Whether it be the traditional candles or the no candles kind, everyone likes taking pictures with yummy looking cupcakes.


I hope you enjoyed the tips and next time you have a birthday I know what kinds of pictures to expect :D. Have fun taking them!

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